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If You Go Fishing, Your Catch Will Be Plentiful

“If you go fishing, your catch will be plentiful.”   I found this saying inside a fortune cookie at the end of 2016. The most important word to me was “if,” and this saying seems to have perfectly summed up the first year of my small business, Oscar Astoria. No one is guaranteed a catch, but if you put yourself… Read more →

Colored Pages!

From time to time, I get to see how people color in my coloring books! It’s really exciting to share this and I get a huge kick out of seeing the creativity with color! It’s a huge honor to see anyone old or young spending time and getting joy from coloring! Some of the pages come from my very first… Read more →

Astoria Places Coloring Book is Ready!

I am excited to announce that Oscar Astoria’s “Astoria Places Coloring Book” is ready for the 20th Anniversary Holiday Season of Astoria’s Starving Artist Faire here in Astoria, Oregon in time for the 2015 holiday season! The Astoria Places Coloring Book was created after a friend of mine sent me a photo of Custard King while I was living overseas.… Read more →