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Coast Weekend, Writing is How I Make Sense of My Experiences, May 23, 2023.

Coast WeekendPortraits in Red Honor Lost Indigenous People With Art in Ilwaco, May 19, 2023

Coast Weekend, El Akkad, Kessler and more Celebrate Reading in Cannon Beach, April 11, 2023

Our Coast Magazine, Tradition, Healing, Connection: Indigenous Artists Embrace Heritage in the Columbia-Pacific Region, March 22, 2023

Coast Weekend, It’s a Reminder That I Can Do Hard Things: Cold Water Simmers, March 1, 2023

Our Coast Bridal Guide, An Awaited October Elopement & The Wedding on Pelican Lane, Spring 2023

Coast Weekend, Fisher Poets Has Been a Reason to Write: Artist Duncan Berry, February 23, 2023

Coast Weekend, Bubble Tea Shop Serves Up Color, Delight, February 6, 2023

Weekend Break, I Started Writing and it All Poured Out: Author Tim Lane, February 3, 2023

Coast Weekend, We Cannot Keep From Singing, November 14, 2022

Coast Weekend, A Piece of Heart at AshRiver Woodworks, June 29, 2022

Coast Weekend, Historic Exhibit Focuses on Astoria Fire of 1922, June 15, 2022

Weekend Break, A Place for Quilting, May 27, 2022

Coast Weekend, Seasonal, Foraged Bouquets at Nansen Florals, March 16, 2022

Coast Weekend, Be a Citizen Scientist During Spring Whale Watching Season, March 9, 2022

Coast Weekend, Co-op Focuses on Community, Feb. 5, 2020

Coast Weekend, The Art of Tattoo: Artist Creates Safe Space for Female Clients at Simply Human Art in Astoria, Aug. 28, 2019

Coast Weekend, A Market of Choices: New Warrenton Farmers Market Draws Vendors, Locals, Aug. 21, 2019

Coast Weekend, Flavors of Mexico: Lunch, Dinners Feature Mexican Chef, July 31, 2019

Coast Weekend, Cultural Cuisine: Astoria, Australian Chefs Team Up for Father’s Day Dinner, June 13, 2019

Weekend Break, You Know You’re From Astoria When. . . . July 26, 2019

Coast Weekend, Astoria Pride 2019: Couple Witnesses Evolution of Astoria, Celebration of Pride, June 5, 2019

Weekend Break, Flat Cat Spur: Memories of Spring Firewood Gathering, May 3, 2019

Coast Weekend, Sisu-Powered Finnish-American Folk Festival Takes Place July 27 – 29 in Naselle, Dec. 21, 2018

Coast Weekend, A Shell of a Good Time, Clown Bread Still a Crowd Favorite at Astoria-Warrenton Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival, taking place April 27 -29, Dec. 21, 2018

Coast Weekend, A Heady Brew: Ninth Annual Pouring at the Coast-Held March 17 at Seaside Civic & Convention Center-is a Beer Lover’s Craft Beer Festival, Dec. 21, 2018

Coast Weekend, Humans of Astoria New Community Member Mitch Eckhardt Collects Stories, Photos of Locals for ‘Tell Me Astoria,’ Jan. 18, 2018

Oregon English Journal, First Do No Harm Supporting Emerging Writers With Ample Opportunities to Write Outside the Box, Vol. XXX, No. 2 Fall/Winter 2018

Weekend Break, When a Pool Was the Jewel of Tapiola Park, July 20, 2018

Coast Weekend, Families Honor Heritage at Astoria Scandinavian Midsummer Festival, June 13, 2018

Weekend Break, To Be a Good Teacher: Without Relationships in Teaching, You Have Nothing, May 4, 2018

Coast Weekend, Astoria Warrenton Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival Offers the Best of the Northwest, April 26, 2018

Coast Weekend, MaryLou McAuley’s ‘Nine Hundred Moon Journey,’ April 20, 2018

Our Coast Magazine, Rooted in History: Enduring Myths and Legends of the Columbia Pacific Region, March 21, 2018

Our Coast Magazine, The Crab Lover’s ABC Guide to Eating the Coast, March 21, 2018

Coast WeekendPouring at the Coast Serves Up Heady Brew March 17 in Seaside, March 16, 2018

Coast Weekend, Marianne Monson Shares Stories of Overlooked Pioneers for Women’s History Month, February 28, 2018

The Daily Astorian, Bridal Guide, January 31, 2018

Coast Weekend, Tell Me Astoria Captures Locals & Their Stories, January 18, 2018

Coast Weekend, Holiday Gift Market Bazaars Roll Out Their Wares,November 30, 2017

Weekend Break, Fowl Play at Blackberry Bog Farm, November 17, 2017

Coast Weekend, Mosaic Artist Opens Creation Studio & Gallery, November 9, 2017

Coast Weekend, Talking Tombstones Resurrects the Dead, October 25, 2017

Coast Weekend, A Bloody Good Time, October 12, 2017

The Daily Astorian: Craft Beer Guide, Buoy Beer, Fort George Brewery, Bill’s Tavern, Pelican Pub Brewery, Wet Dog Brewery & Rogue Brewery, September 22, 2017.

Coast Weekend, Local Author Takes a Literary Leap, September 7, 2017

Weekend Break, Love of Locomotives, August 11, 2017

(Guest Post) Author Melissa Eskue-Ousley, Writer’s Block, July 2017

Coast Weekend, Shanghaied Returns to Its Roots, July 6, 2017

Coast Weekend, Goonies Fans Get Ready: Tall Ships Arrive, June 1, 2017

Weekend Break, Salmonberry Hill Celebrates a First Full Year, May 26, 2017

Coast Weekend, Seaside Author Wonders: Where’s the Body Buried, May 26, 2017

Coast Weekend, The Arts: Adams & Costello Release Music Video, May 5, 2017

Coast Weekend, Coastal Life: Raw Salmon is Not Your Dog’s Best Friend, March 23, 2017

Coast Weekend, We All Have an Inner Artist, February 2, 2017

Coast Weekend, (Suomi Hall) Preserving Local Heritage, January 19, 2017

Coast Weekend, Stay True to Your Art, December 22, 2016

Boxer & Badger Notes Alumna Teaches in South Korea, March 2, 2011


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Unfortunately, ESL101 (dot) com was closed and the site shut down. Articles below are available upon request.

Is Ketchup a Vegetable? The Impact Of School Lunches in Korea vs USA, ESL101, September 2016

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