Meet Oscar.

Meet Heather, the human behind the dog.

Oscar Astoria is the small business I launched in 2015!

Many people are curious about the name, Oscar Astoria.

The name is a combination of:

my 16 year old Jack Russell Terrier (Oscar) + my hometown (Astoria)

Oscar Astoria is a place where I can share all of my creative adventures, from writing to illustration and much more!

If you need to contact me, drop me an email at:

lavenderheather (at) gmail.com

or snail mail at:

Oscar Astoria

P.O. Box 1092

Astoria, Oregon 97103

. . . a few more articles and podcasts where I talk about freelancing and being a creative! Thanks for visiting Oscar Astoria!


Life After ESL: Teaching in the USA + Freelancing


I was interviewed on local community radio station KMUN Coast Community Radio for Mad Coast Radio. I was interviewed by host Suzi Denight and my interview starts at 13:40. 🙂


I was excited to be interviewed again by Carol Newman on KMUN for Arts Live and Local about my recent writing residency through the AVA. My interview starts at 42:20.




On Friday November 25th I was interviewed again by Carol Newman on KMUN for Arts Live and Local about my new poetry book Creosote and Rain through AVA. My interview starts at 24:00.




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