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Book Launch Round Up

My book launch on May 14th, 2016 at The Blue Scorcher Bakery was more than I could have hoped for. It started out with my Aunt JoAnn and Uncle Clyde surprising me by driving all the way from Canby to attend. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them walk through the door! They handed me a dozen red roses and the big smiles and hugs began and didn’t end until my pillow hit the head that night. I also gave my dad the screen printed tshirt I made for him.


The screen printed gift bags were a hit. It was great to tell them that the design on the bag was one from the My Astoria East to West Coloring Book. I can say that all of my bags left the book launch that night in the hands of some really great people.


I met a woman who came from Portland to buy a book, a super cool family from across the river, and was surrounded by local friends and family. I was surprised to see people I didn’t know lining up to buy a book! It was so affirming and amazing to watch people stand around and laugh at different parts of the book, make comments and tell me what their favorite page was. People asked great questions about how long the book took to make, which book I made first, how I published my book on Amazon. I also autographed and dedicated some books–which was pretty unexpected! 🙂

My goal was to sell half of the books I brought with me (I brought 60 books).

I aimed high with 30 books, but in the end I sold 23 books which was AMAZING.


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