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Astoria Places Coloring Book is Ready!

I am excited to announce that Oscar Astoria’s “Astoria Places Coloring Book” is ready for the 20th Anniversary Holiday Season of Astoria’s Starving Artist Faire here in Astoria, Oregon in time for the 2015 holiday season!

The Astoria Places Coloring Book was created after a friend of mine sent me a photo of Custard King while I was living overseas. When we returned to the states, Astoria was changing rapidly. I did a quick illustration of the iconic Astoria burger joint before it changed owners and received a new paint job. I continued to document places in Astoria that are special to me through illustration. In fact, at least one of the places in this book no longer exists; it was torn down after the Goonies Anniversary Celebration while I was creating this book! It’s just one example of how fast things change.

I am also a photographer, and love to document through that medium, however, illustrating each place was somehow a more meaningful labor of love and a unique way to honor places that I consider iconic to Astoria and/or I have a special connection to. There are, of course, MANY other iconic places that aren’t included in this book. Another coloring book? Maybe. When it comes to the rapid changes, I vacillate between very nostalgic and sad to very excited for some of the changes. I hope to reflect this through the book. Creating this book was a great way for me to pause and reflect on what Astoria means to me. I hope those coloring this book will feel a connection and love for this special place on the planet.

As we are all learning these days, coloring is good for everyone–not just kids. Just Google “coloring books for adults” and you’ll find examples of these everywhere lately. I hope that all ages can enjoy this book–not only Astoria lovers but those who love supporting locally made items. 🙂

The Coloring Book Features These Astoria Places:
Custard King

The Trolley

You Are Here

The Cafe


The Pig

The 80s Never Die

Film Museum

L.C. Bowl

Warren Field

3 Cups

Suomi Hall

Bow Picker

Pier 39

Bar Pilots

Astoria Sea Lions

Maritime Museum

Fort George

The Co-op

The Taco Truck

The Scorcher

The Cathedral Tree

The coloring book is what I consider a “GOURMET coloring book,” meaning that the coloring experience is much more satisfying than your typical old school brown newsprint or even typing paper. All designs are printed on ivory card stock and bound in a landscape style, meaning that when you color your hand doesn’t have to hold down the book the whole time and/or get caught up in the binding. It really is an upscale coloring experience. The colors do not bleed through the cards stock.

I recommend colored pencil or markers.


A Little Bit About The Making of the Astoria Places Coloring Book. . .

The coloring book was created over a 6 month period during any extra free time that I had. The book was created and self published and bound in Astoria, Oregon in my in home studio.

occasionally I would snap a photo from my lucky to live in such a beautiful place


Materials used:

A light table (the best thing ever)

Fine tip sharpie markers

Drawing paper

Colored Pencils

Pencils and erasers

My own photos

I chose not to use rulers, protractors or anything other than free-hand. In an age of ultra digitalized perfect looking illustration, my eye really loves the slightly wonky “wabi-sabi” hand-drawn style of freehand drawings. I’ve always been draw to this type of illustration.

I will blog later more about the process of making the book, but for now I’ve got to get ready for my first fair!!

Here are a few photos that I took along the way as I made the book. . .

An exciting time ~ the printed books ready to be bound
I practiced coloring one of the designs to make sure that the card stock would be friendly to colored pencil and markers


here is a photo of my in-home studio. . .a lot of the drawings were done in the summer of 2015


I would like to thank my mom for all her advice, help and mentoring. I couldn’t have done it without her! As well, I want to thank family members and friends who supported me in this endeavor even when I felt like a crazy lady in my room drawing. I’ve never self-identified as an artist before, but once I unleashed this creativity it doesn’t seem to be stopping!

Of course, Oscar “aided” in the process by providing moral support while I created the book 😉



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